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16 June 1980
2001: a space odyssey, , aestheticized distance, agalloch, alcohol, ambient, amesoeurs, andrei tarkovsky, angel's egg, aphex twin, apocalypse, apophenia, art, atmosphere, autechre, autumn, beer, berserk, black hole, black metal, black monolith, black sabbath, blade runner, blame!, boris, burzum, cats, cinema, clean sheets, cocteau twins, coffee, coil, comics, current 93, dark ambient, david cronenberg, david lynch, dead can dance, dead leaves, death in june, death metal, deathspell omega, decadence, dissonance worship, doom, dostoesvky, dreams, drudkh, dystopia, einstürzende neubauten, end of the world, eraserhead, everything at night, faerical blasting punk, fallen angels, fire walk with me, franz kafka, fresh snow, godspeed you! black emperor, grey areas, half-life 2, halloween, hard boiled wonderland, harmony of dissonance, have a nice life, here's to your fuck, ico, impression of depth, impression of emptiness, impression of vastness, industrial, insert credit lonely game, irréversible, jesus & mary chain, jim jarmusch, joy division, kafka's metamorphosis, katharsis, kayo dot, kefka's metamorphosis, kemonozume, killer7, liminality, lucifer rising, minimalism, morbid angel, movies, mushishi, my bloody valentine, mœbius, neofolk, new worlds, nighttime, noir, noise, nostalgia, nuit noire, nurse with wound, obscura, overworlds, paysage d'hiver, peste noire, photography, portal, portland, possession, post-punk, postmodern romanticism, preserve thy loneliness, rain, s.v.e.s.t., samhain, sans soleil, sex, shadow of the colossus, shoegaze, silent hill, solitude, somnolent murmurings, space, stabat mater, stanley kubrick, star wars iv-vi, studio ghibli, superflat, supersilent, surrealism, swans, the angels of light, the beginning of love, the beginning of winter, the cure, the cycle of cycles, the end of summer, thunder, travel, twin peaks, underworlds, urfaust, vinyl, weakling, worlds within worlds, x-com, x-files, Ω, Сталкер, 物の哀れ, 봄여름가을겨울그리고봄